dimanche 13 février 2011

A four-letter answer to Serge K. and his like-minded

"De nous, s'il reste le mot "merde", ce sera déjà beau" (Louis-Ferdinand Céline) 

The gang led by Serge K. has issued a fatwa ordering state agencies not to commemorate the death of L.-F. Céline half a century ago; I never read any full book from Céline. But I  live in a world and at a time in which Serge K., his family and his like-minded are enough powerful or influential to tell who we are allowed to pay tribute to as an artist, and who we are not, and this arrogance must meet some measure of resistance. To teach them a lesson, I subscribe for one year to Le Bulletin Célinien (forty-eight euros). To upset Serge K., his family, his gang and his like-minded for just forty-eight euros is a bargain .


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